The name of my company is Freedom Ears, symbolizing my patriotism to our Country, our Flag, and our Protectors. Together with my son, Cameron and my daughter-in-law, Christie, we provide quality, custom-made hearing protection. Freedom Ears specializes in hand-made custom-fit (custom-molded) earplugs that precisely fit inside your ear for maximum performance and absolute comfort for any of your needs such as:

- Shooting Sports

- Hunting 

- Large Equipment Use (i.e. Lawn care, farming, construction)

- Motor Sports (i.e. motorcylces, stock car racing)

- Industrial Use (i.e. Factories, work shop)

- Fitness and Recreational Use

- Music Monitors

- Music Enjoyment

- Public Safety and Military

- Sleep and Meditation

We are happy to schedule private fittings and events upon request. Requests can be made through our email at FreedomEars@gmail.com. Please like our page on Facebook and also follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @FreedomEarsNC.

We greatly appreciate your support and hope that you will be willing to share our page with anyone you feel could benefit!

Remember, the sounds of freedom are around us every day, make sure you can hear them! Protect your hearing!